Service Offerings

Some businesses have such strong market presence that they virtually stand alone.  They have achieved this dominance because of their corporate desire to be the best in their field.  For these distinguished companies, being number one is not sufficient.  They seek continuous improvement.

Gerhards Consulting Group, LLC advises companies like this – companies that want to excel.  Founder Charles Gerhards brings to your organization 33 years of distinguished public service leading some of the most cutting-edge technology initiatives in the nation.  Charlie is one of the country’s leading high-tech visionaries, and his expertise extends beyond the technical realm.  In recognition for his many accomplishments, Governing magazine named him “Public Official of the Year” in 2002. In 2003, Charlie was named by Government Technology magazine as one of the “Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers” in public service.

According to Government Technology magazine, this honor was reserved for leaders who managed “Innovations (that) helped advance the art of applying technology to government service, changing the landscape of public-sector IT.”

When your company’s goal is to be the best it can be, Gerhards Consulting Group offers a true competitive edge.  Put our experience to your strategic advantage.  Our commitment is for the best to get even better.

Consulting Services—Advise clients or others on technology-related issues, including executive-level assessments of organizations, operations or projects.

Thought Leadership—Assist with development of new ideas for client products or services, as well as strategies to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of the client. Provide a “government” perspective to discussions and decisions.

Client Relationship Management—Add credibility and experience to discussions with current or prospective clients.

Presentations—Develop and provide presentations for client conferences, national events or other venues in support of the client.

Procurement—Seek procurement opportunities for the client. Assist with preparation of RFP responses, meet with prospective purchasers, help resolve issues and provide other support, as needed. (In Pennsylvania, this is done cooperatively with Bravo Group).